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The Art of Etsy Independence.


Although there are many things about it that I feel are not in the best interest of you and I, as sellers, I still like Etsy. It's a beautiful site. And, it's a nice, solid method for customers to use to pay you (though, not my favorite method). But, Etsy has simply become enormous. The [...]


One of the parts of running an online craft business that I've had the most trouble with is maintaining my email list. Even after I had figured out how to get people to sign up for my list (more on that HERE), I still had trouble with what to actually DO with that list. It's [...]

planning a marketing calendar for your handmade business { 0 comments }

I recently began planning my ornament business with a marketing/editorial calendar. It's not fancy.... it's a $3 desk calendar from Walmart, with nice big pages and plenty of space to write. (Sorry, no cutesie but probably otherwise useless downloads to give you here!) Creating my yearly calendar has helped me insanely. It was one of [...]

painting the new office { 2 comments }

A couple of months ago, I moved from Central Florida over to the Gulf Coast. We moved to be closer to the water (we are big into boating), but in doing that, I left a house that had an extra bedroom....a glorious extra bedroom that I was able to use 100% as a craft room! [...]


Something I've had to deal with a little more lately than ever before in my business, is negativity. Negativity of a few different kinds.... disgruntled customers, rude emails from blog visitors (even when they aren't a customer), and some comments on Facebook that pretty much make my cheeks burn to read. Even if my sales [...]

What should you blog about?

what-should-a-handmade-business-blog-about { 2 comments }

  (image by Fearless Stumbler, used under CC BY 2.0, modified from original.) A lot of people have said to me, "Okay, Staci...I get it that blogging is good for business. The problem is, what the heck am I supposed to blog about?" I totally get it...it's really hard at first to figure out what [...]

{ 1 comment }

(image by Andrea Smith, used under CC BY 2.0, modified from original.) A few months ago, I lost almost 7 thousand subscribers from the email newsletter list I've built for my handmade ornament business..and it happened in pretty much one fell swoop. It was more than half my list. And, I knew going into it [...]


You're a crafter, a creator. That means you probably have a zillion ideas flying through your radar at any given time. New products to create, new emails you should send, new things to post about on Facebook, new blog posts to write... ...but for most of us, when it comes right down to it, a [...]


I've made it no secret that I believe blogging is one of the very best things you can do to drive traffic to your shop, whether it's an Etsy shop, an eBay shop, or any shop. I received an email the other day from a fellow blogger and crafter, Shavonta, and she said that's exactly [...]

should-you-sell-your-patterns-for-handmade-ideas { 13 comments }

I was afraid that it would kill my business. I was afraid that no one would want to buy my finished ornaments anymore. I was afraid all my ideas would get taken. I was afraid I'd create a zillion new competitors on Etsy and eBay. Plus, I didn't really know how to create or sell [...]