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9-things-I-Learned-Becoming-a-6-Figure-Craft-Business { 23 comments }

My gross sales total for 2015 was $109,082. Yeah! Here are a few things I learned over the year as I grew my numbers. Right now I am working a LOT. (This site you're on right now took a major backseat over the last 6 months as my craft business kept me wayyy busy.) I'm [...]

How to track your Facebook ads { 6 comments }

If you are advertising on Facebook, the video below will show you how to set up tracking for your Facebook ads, using a Conversion Pixel. It's really not hard at all.... and I'll show you exactly how to do the techie parts. Tracking with a pixel will allow you to see exactly how well your ad is [...]

2 Days to your own handmade business website. { 10 comments }

If you have been thinking about building your own website,  but are a little unsure how to go about it, or it feels overwhelming, watch this video. It will show you how easy it is to set one up.... in 2 days or less, you could be looking at your own website, live online for [...]

Who Is Buying From You?

Who is the person buying from you? { 3 comments }

  There are 3 keys to keep in mind that will help you to write blog posts that will attract new visitors to your site, and help you grow your business. Keeping these 3 things in mind will bring you so much clarity about both the purpose of your blog, and how to use your [...]

How to make passive income in your handmade business. { 14 comments }

If you have your own website, and you begin getting lots of traffic, you may find yourself reaching profit plateaus. Let's face it; we can only make as much money as we can physically create with our 2 little hands, right? Nope! There are many ways you can expand and scale the amount of money [...]

The Art of Etsy Independence.

The Art of Etsy Independence. { 0 comments }

Although there are many things about it that I feel are not in the best interest of you and I, as sellers, I still like Etsy. It's a beautiful site. And, it's a nice, solid method for customers to use to pay you (though, not my favorite method). But, Etsy has simply become enormous. The [...]


One of the parts of running an online craft business that I've had the most trouble with is maintaining my email list. Even after I had figured out how to get people to sign up for my list (more on that HERE), I still had trouble with what to actually DO with that list. It's [...]

planning a marketing calendar for your handmade business { 9 comments }

I recently began planning my ornament business with a marketing/editorial calendar. It's not fancy.... it's a $3 desk calendar from Walmart, with nice big pages and plenty of space to write. Creating my yearly calendar has helped me insanely. It was one of those things that I balked at for the longest time because it [...]

painting the new office { 2 comments }

A couple of months ago, I moved from Central Florida over to the Gulf Coast. We moved to be closer to the water (we are big into boating), but in doing that, I left a house that had an extra bedroom....a glorious extra bedroom that I was able to use 100% as a craft room! [...]

Dealing with trolls.


Something I've had to deal with a little more lately than ever before in my business, is negativity. Negativity of a few different kinds.... disgruntled customers, rude emails from blog visitors (even when they aren't a customer), and some comments on Facebook that pretty much make my cheeks burn to read. Even if my sales [...]