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Dealing with trolls.


Something I've had to deal with a little more lately than ever before in my business, is negativity. Negativity of a few different kinds.... disgruntled customers, rude emails from blog visitors (even when they aren't a customer), and some comments on Facebook that pretty much make my cheeks burn to read. Even if my sales are ...

Why I won’t be breaking up with Facebook (I don’t think you should, either).


(image by Frank Guido, used under CC BY 2.0, modified from original.) There's been a whole lot of chatter lately over Facebook's new algorithm changes, and most of it is of the angry variety. You may have seen the infamous Facebook "breakup letter" that's gone viral over the last few days. I just read it (ironically...on Facebook), ...

Stop liking for likes


(image by MIKI Yoshihito, used under CC BY 2.0, modified from original.) "Hi there! I'm liking you from Shameless Shannan's Sweaters.com! I love your (fill in the blank)! Please like us back!" You've received comments like these on your page, too, right? Maybe you've even been, perhaps, the one (cough)... leaving the comment? In the early days of ...