Hi there! I’m Staci Ann.

I am a crafter & handmade seller, and founder of TheOrnamentGirl.com and The Ornament Girls Club. The Ornament Girls Club now has a little more than 3K members and is growing every month.

I started out on eBay and Etsy, and even though I told everyone I had a business….. what I really had was a glorified hobby.

And then about a year or so after I started selling, I became a widow, and single mom of 2 lil’ ones. Things got tough for us, and more than anything, I wanted to remain a stay-at-home mom for my grieving kiddos.

So, that’s what I did.

This site is my journal about getting there. Stuff I’ve learned, stuff I’ve messed up, and the stuff I’m still figuring out.

Warning! When I first started this blog a few years ago, I thought… I’ll teach other handmade sellers what I know! And then, the more I knew, the more I knew I didn’t know (well, that was a mouthful).

And so now, this has just become my personal blog.

Thanks for being here!

-Staci Ann

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  • Caroline Thomas
    September 4, 2018

    Hi Stacie my name is Caroline Thomas and i joined you club a while back, but because i live overseas on the Island of Ascension, i have trouble receiving your monthly patterns , at the moment i am having to wait on a new credit card as we are not receiving post as often because of the situation with planes coming and going, is there any other way i could receive them via email with instructions included in the email besides having to download and pay that way can i send you a postal order for a book of instructions , i quite like to learn how to do the swirl patterns and the other lovely ones that you do have manage to do the star one okay, also like to be able to buy the different accessories that you have on them

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