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Why I won’t be breaking up with Facebook (I don’t think you should, either).


(image by Frank Guido, used under CC BY 2.0, modified from original.) There's been a whole lot of chatter lately over Facebook's new algorithm changes, and most of it is of the angry variety. You may have seen the infamous Facebook "breakup letter" that's gone viral over the last few days. I just read it (ironically...on Facebook), ...

Build your own website – A step by step guide just for handmade sellers (and a printable checklist, too).


 (image by Tara S, used under CC BY 2.0, modified from original.) I know that if you've never built a website before, it can seem seriously overwhelming. And yet, if there is anything I've learned from my years of selling online, it's this: if you have a handmade business, you need your own site. When I say "your ...