What are posts & pages?

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Pages and posts look nearly identical to each other in the WordPress Dashboard; however, they shouldn’t be used interchangeably.

The biggest difference between them is in the way they are displayed on your website. A post will behave as an article, showing up within a “feed” (which is in reverse chronological order), along with any other posts you’ve written. Whenever you publish a new post, this will occur automatically.

A page on the other hand will NOT show up in your article feed. Instead it is “static,” and you will need to specify how you want a visitor to see a page. For example, you would most likely use a page for your “about me” page, and then you would add a link to that page in your main navigation so that your visitors would be able to see it.

Another difference between pages and posts, is in the way they are organized. Posts are organized with categories and tags (which we will talk about in depth in its own video), and pages are organized through a hierarchy. This just means that you can nest pages as a sub-page of another page if you’d like.

You’ll probably find that most of what you publish on your website, will be published as posts….. and special pages, such as your about page, a contact page, or FAQ page, will be published as pages.

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