Changing your site’s title & tagline.

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The title and tagline of your new website are very important. In later workshops, I’ll be showing you why these things are so important, and the best ways to optimize them.

For now though, this video will show you where these items are located in your WordPress dashboard, and how to easily change them.

You will find your title and tagline settings are located under Settings > General. You’ll see them right at the top of the page.

You’ll recognize the pre-populated title as the same title you gave your site when you initially installed WordPress. (Similarly, if you had set a tagline at that time, you’ll also see it pre-populated here.) You can now change either of these.

Your title and tagline are what make up your website’s meta title tag. Not only will your title and tagline appear at the top of your website, they will appear at the top of your browser’s window or tab as well. We will be discussing the importance of meta tags later on down the road.

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