How to Add Images to Pages & Posts in WordPress

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This video will show you how to add images and videos (or any type of media) to your pages and posts.

Any media that you use on your blog will be stored in the Media folder, which you can get to by clicking “Media” in your left navigation menu.

(From the Media Library, you can edit any of your media files, and you can also upload new files, or delete any files.)

There are several ways you can add a media file to your posts or pages.

The first way is to simply drag your file into your post. Once you drag it over, a dialog box will appear titled “Insert Media”. You’ll see your new file appear in the library, and the details of the new image will appear down the right-hand side of the box. This is where you can edit the title, caption, alt text, and the description of your image. You can also specify the alignment, the URL, and size of the image, and then you can click the button that says “Insert into Post.”

The second way to add an image to a post or page is to click the “Add Media” button found at the upper left of your text editor. The same dialog box will appear, but this time you will click the “Upload Image” tab in the upper left of the box… this will let you browse your computer for the file, and select it to be uploaded to the Media Library.

Once your image is inserted into your post or page, you can make adjustments to it by clicking once on the image, and then clicking the button that appears in the upper left of the image (that looks like a pencil). This will bring up an image editing dialog box, where you can change the alignment, size, caption, etc.

A keyboard shortcut that you can use to revert any change you’ve made, back to what it was before, is to hold down the control button while tapping the “z” key. This is a keyboard shortcut that actually works in many applications, and it can come in very handy when you’ve made a mistake with something. :)

The free photo website I mentioned at the end of the video is Death to the Stock Photo. Highly recommended, and they don’t bother you with lots of emails… they only send out a monthly image pack. I also occasionally buy stock photos at (especially when they’re included in their monthly bundle deals).

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