How to add a free offer to your website.

Giving a digital item away for free on your website is an awesome way to entice your visitors to sign up for your email list. (See my free eBook, if you’d like to learn WHY you should consider doing this, and to get ideas for what you can give away.)

But, once you’ve come up with a wonderful offer to give to your visitors, you’ll need to create a way to automatically deliver it to them when they subscribe to your email list.

All this requires is creating a simple (& secret) page on your website, and then adding your offer to it.

This short video which will show you exactly how to create this page, and add your offer to it.

[s3video s3url=”how-to-make-your-offer-accessible.mp4″ /]


Once you’ve added this page, the next step will be to set up your email list, so that each brand new subscriber is automatically directed to this new page. (Again, my eBook lays all this out for you, step by step, so you don’t get overwhelmed.)

Let me know if you have questions!

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