The 3 HUGE Handmade Seller Traps.

Are you stuck in one (or all) of them?

I absolutely was.

And, it wasn’t until I caught myself doing these things… and then put a STOP to it…. that I was able to carry my little handmade ornament business into the 6 figure territory.

And now.. this year, I’m looking at a potential multiple 6-figure year.


(Which is completely crazy!)

I’ve built the entire website you’re on right now, to help other crafters and handmade sellers, who are frustrated with the results they are getting on Etsy, go beyond their shops, and break out of the Etsy hamster wheel.

That begins with stopping what ISN’T working… so you can make room for what does.

If you sign up below, I’ll send you a FREE audio that will help you get started.

(And, I’ll send you other good stuff, too.)

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