Your business can be bigger than your Etsy shop. It can be your “real” job.


In my eBook, Beyond Your Shop (only $9), you’ll find out…

Why you need to declare Independence from Etsy if you want to grow your sales (and exactly how to do it).

How to scale your profits by creating new income streams – so that your profit doesn’t always rely on your own 2 hands.

Why you’re getting visitors and favorites, but not the sales to match… and how to fix it.

How to get the right people finding your products.

How to set up systems that will grow your handmade business, instead of keeping you stuck spinning your wheels.

And, all the techie parts. Anything I suggest you do, I also show you how to do (with links to videos), step by step.

Beyond your shop is a “workshop-in-a-book” that will lead you, step-by-step, through all of the things I’ve done to build and grow my own handmade business.


Who am I?

*I’ve built a handmade business (a real one!), that supports my family, and regularly does multiple 5 figures in monthly sales…. with seasonal products.

*I’ve built a following of over 60K on Facebook – followers who engage and share my posts every day.

*I have an email system set up, that continuously sends traffic and sales my way.

*I’ve been featured in major magazines in my craft niche….. 2-3 page feature articles – that I did not pitch for.

*I spend my work days doing what I love – making my ornaments and engaging with my customers.

And guess what? I’m a regular, real girl! I started from scratch, and grew my business from nothing.

But, here’s what really sets me apart from a lot of the experts out there these days: I actually run a handmade business, and it supports my family. Last year, I reached $109,000 in sales, and now, I’m on track for a multiple six-figure 2016. (The income I’m talking about is all from my ornament business, NOT by selling “how to sell your handmade stuff” stuff.)

I wrote this eBook to show you how to do the same.

There is no good reason for you to stay lost in the handmade crowd.

Take yourself out of that crowd, by declaring Etsy-Independence, and building your own marketplace.

Beyond Your Shop by Staci Ann Lowry

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